Tasnim Alami-Laroussi at TV 609 Laval

Tasnim Alami-Laroussi was a guest on the program  Pour votre information on TV 609 Laval last February. She spoke about the importance and relevance of community dental clinics and how this concept can help people in need.

When answering the question “why a community dental clinic in Laval?” “, Tasnim Alami says that she was a child from Laval and “started her practice as a dentist in Laval. “We immediately realized, my spouse and I, that there were needs among children in Laval. Even more so for children with special needs and also children from disadvantaged backgrounds. So, in our practices, we saw that there were a lot of cavities and a lot of anxious children who went to the dentist. It was quite a challenge. So, we had to think of a solution to receive them”.

Dr. Alami recalls that dental health “is part of general health” and it is a practice integrated into lifestyle habits, which is why we are “very limited from a conventional clinical perspective where we are always focused on care”.

For her, the patient should live a more complete experience. He should have a more in-depth follow-up. To establish a kind of dental education program related to hygiene, mode of nutrition and daily practices of everyone. “That’s when we said to ourselves: it is at a very young age that the whole dimension of education confidence is more decisive for their life [the life of children]. We decided that we had to find a solution”.

In addition to treating children with special needs, Sourires Solidaires offers care to children from families from underprivileged backgrounds.

“Often, these people were found in our emergency clinics because they have no choice. They have abscesses, they have pain, so that’s where the concept of community was important; to be able to collaborate with the community. Having partners who are really aware of the situation, such as community organizations,” says Tasnim Alami-Laroussi.

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