In Quebec, despite the universal coverage of services provided by dentists and denturists for children between 0 and 9 years, tooth decay (caries) is the most common disease.

In Quebec, despite the universal coverage of dental services provided to children between 0 and 9 years, tooth decay (caries) is the most common disease.

of children aged 0 through 4 suffering from tooth decay come from disadvantaged backgrounds or immigrant families.

of young patients with an autism spectrum disorder are not treated by a dentist.

of parents who have children with an autism spectrum disorder find it difficult to brush their child’s teeth due to the lack of cooperation.

The RAMQ does not cover preventive care essential to decrease tooth decay.

Each year in Quebec, more than 5 000 children undergo general anesthesia for treatment of childhood caries


Accessibility… Solidarity… Mobilization…


Focusing on prevention and education, Sourires Solidaires works in close collaboration with various community players, namely daycares, elementary schools and neighborhood consultation tables. On one hand, Sourires Solidaires raises awareness among the participants, educators and parents about sound oral and dental hygiene, and on the other hand promotes the screening of high-risk children for tooth decay. Our organization is characterized by its fun and interactive education center, equipped with larger than life material, as well as by its staff, trained to ensure the reception and to pass on preventive measures.


Centré sur la prévention et l’éducation, Sourires Solidaires œuvre en partenariat avec divers acteurs communautaires, notamment des garderies, des écoles primaires et des tables de quartiers, afin de sensibiliser les différents intervenants et les familles aux saines habitudes dentaires, ainsi qu’à dépister les enfants à plus haut risque de carie. L’organisme se distingue par son centre éducatif ludique, équipé de matériel plus grand que nature, et par son personnel, formé pour assurer l’accueil et transmettre les mesures de prévention.


Sourires Solidaires is committed to ensure treatment to children who do not have access to specialized dental care that they require.   We provide essential services to children with special needs, which are not covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan. It is all made possible by the creation of our non-profit organization, Sourires Solidaires, and thanks to the support of the Laval community, as well as other partners who help us accomplish our mission.


Sourires Solidaires s’engage à assurer des traitements aux enfants qui n’ont pas accès aux services dentaires spécialisés dont ils ont besoin. Nous épaulons des services essentiels aux enfants avec des besoins particuliers, mais qui ne sont pas couverts par l’assurance maladie. Le tout est possible grâce à la création de notre organisme de bienfaisance, Sourires Solidaires, et à l’appui du milieu communautaire lavallois, ainsi que des autres partenaires qui aident à concrétiser notre mission. Plus de 1 500 professionnels de la santé – dentistes, médecins, hygiénistes dentaires, nutritionnistes, infirmiers et psychoéducateurs – contribuent au projet pour soutenir Sourires Solidaires à assurer des soins de qualité et à promouvoir le développement global de l’enfant en lui offrant, ensemble, un sourire en santé.


Give a chance to each child to have a healthy smile, by promoting good oral health habits early in life and by providing accessible dental care to those most in need.


Become a key player in the education, prevention and care specialized in pediatric oral health, in view of encouraging the overall development of children.






Sourires Solidaires adapts to every child.


Oral health education to all

Personalized support to children with special needs, such as suffering from anxiety disorders or autism spectrum disorders, or from attention deficit with or without hyperactivity.

Free dental care to children who participate in our community program.

Group visits of the educational center, conducted by qualified personnel.


Dr. Farid AMER OUALI Maxillofacial surgeon

With 11 years of experience, Dr Farid practices in various hospitals namely the Montreal Sainte-Justine Hospital and the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Saint-Jérôme, as well as in clinics across Laval and Montreal

Dre. Tasnim ALAMI LAROUSSI Dentist for children

Dr Tasnim counts 10 years of experience in dentistry for children. Under the Sourires Solidaires project, she is pursuing her postgraduate studies at the School of Public Health at the Université de Montréal.

We warmly invite you to accompany us, so that we can all provide this cause with the necessary impulse and offer children better dental health and a brighter future !



A great thanks to all those supporting the NPO Sourires Solidaires

Each child has a unique potential, a smile to make him shine. Let’s achieve together each child’s dreamed future