Dental services

Services are offered in facilities specially adapted to the needs of each patient. We make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience in an environment designed by a team specializing in childcare.

We offer our young clientele complete services in dental education, preventive and curative care, conscious sedation with nitrous oxide as well as general anesthesia when necessary.


To avoid bad experiences and the development of cavities, care and services are based on a principle of minimalist dentistry.

The recommended approach limits the removal of cavities by the dentist and focuses instead on preventing cavities by adopting a good diet and oral hygiene habits.

Dental Examination


Teeth Brushing Demonstration

Nutritional Advice

Application of Fluoride

Application of a varnish, highly concentrated in Fluoride, applied onto the teeth to make them more resistant against cavities.


Sealant applied to the teeth to prevent bacteria from lodging in the pits and fissures of the teeth and thus reduce the risk of cavities.

Mouth Guard

Plastic device custom-designed by a dentist to protect the teeth during the practice of contact sports.



There are a variety of possible treatments for children. Obviously, some are more invasive than others depending on the severity of the cavity. The best option will be brought forth by the dentist.

Composite Restorations

This is commonly referred to as “white filling”. It is used to repair decayed anterior and posterior teeth when the aesthetic aspect is more important.

Amalgam Restorations

This is commonly referred to as “gray filling”. It is very reliable and durable especially for treating less visible posterior teeth that are affected by caries.

Stainless Steel Crown

The SSC is a metal shell in the shape of a tooth which is used to cover a decayed or damaged primary (baby) tooth.

Zirconia Crown

The zirconia crown is a kind of white shell in the shape of a tooth that is used to cover a decayed or damaged primary (baby) tooth. It is more esthetic than an SSC.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

A desensitizing agent that stops the progression of early active caries and is applied locally to the lesion.


This is a treatment that removes the part of the dental nerve which is infected with deep decay to keep the primary (baby) tooth in place until the adult tooth erupts.


Involves removing a tooth when it is infected or when recommended by an orthodontist due to lack of space.


This is the removal of a frenulum, a fold of tissue attached to the gums in the mouth. It is mainly for breastfeeding or orthodontic reasons that the dentist performs the frenectomy.

Minor Orthodontics

Some interception services for malocclusion problems are offered, such as space maintainers that help for the eruption of permanent teeth, thus preventing future dental alignment problems.

Emergency Treatment


Some children need extra help with their dental care. We offer desensitization or sedation, which are two procedures used in behavior management in some children.


  • Desensitization aims to familiarize the child with the different equipment of a dental clinic and with the various treatments.
  • This allows the child to be well prepared psychologically for their visits to the dentist.
  • Desensitization is preferred with autistic and anxious children.
  • The desensitization process was designed in collaboration with an occupational therapist and a psycho-educator.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

  • Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas.
  • It is administered with a mask that provides oxygen to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain during dental treatments.
  • The use of this weak anesthetic is the safest and most predictable sedation technique for dental treatment in children.
  • At the end of the treatment, the gas is completely eliminated.

The child keeps a positive memory of his visit to the dentist.


In addition to its adapted and personalized approach, Sourires Solidaires has implemented programs for children who require additional support.

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